Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos can be removed, permanently, by using a particular laser.  Black pigment, or ink, will be destroyed quicker than any colour, so several sessions of laser tattoo removal will be needed.

Using the Zeolight aesthetic laser, we can remove tattoos up to 6cms x 6cms at a time.  This is due to the body's way of getting rid of the disrupted pigment in the skin.

The pain threshold of laser tattoo removal depends upon each person.  Some of our clients say it doesn't hurt at all, whereas other clients need a lie down after!

After each treatment, the skin and tattoo will be red with white blisters but these soon clear up.

Remember that a tattoo cannot be removed after just one treatment, so if you are planning a big event, make sure you leave quite a few months beforehand to start the laser tattoo removal process.

Prices start at £15 for a really small tattoo.