Dermaplaning is a safe and highly effective physical exfoliation procedure.  It uses a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently "shave" the skin's surface, removing the top most layer of dead skin along with the fine, vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz).

Dermaplaning is only performed on the face and can be performed monthly and there is no downtime, post treatment.

Dermaplaning exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process and allows products to better penetrate skin.  It is also excellent to remove the face of excess fine hairs which can often accumulate dirt and oil.  It leaves you looking fresher with softer skin and can be good skin preparation for other skin treatments.

Dermaplaning is especially effective on clients with dry or rough skin texture and is beneficial for mature skin, which tends to have a build up of dead cells as cellular turnover slows down with age.  It is safe for pregnant or lactating clients who cannot have chemical peels.

Contradindications to dermaplaning include:

  • an allergy to nickel
  • numerous raised lesions on the skin
  • inflamed/active acne
  • retinol/vitamin A treatments within the last 1-2 weeks
  • skin sensitive
  • Cold sores